Mailing Best Practices

Note: All conference registration forms, agreement forms, and event registration forms will be submitted digitally (see Registration Guide for options).

These mailing best practices apply to sending forms of payment other than credit card payments.

  • All Georgia Thespians deadlines are “Received By – In My Hands” deadlines. That means all required fees and forms (which have to be complete and accurate by the deadline, as well) must be received by the deadline.
  • Postmarked dates are irrelevant. Received by dates are all that count. 
  • Anything hand-delivered to the UPS store where our box is located will be mailed either UPS or USPS mail. Nothing hand-delivered will be placed in our box the day it is delivered or for free. 
  • Anything hand-delivered to our UPS box on the deadline will be mailed and will miss the deadline and may be returned to the school’s administrator. 
  • Always make copies for your own records before mailing/submitting anything.
  • Secure tracking if you need or want confirmation that your letter was received. 
  • Please do not email and ask if your payment/materials have been received (see item above)
  • Recommended postal services include FedEx and UPS.
  • USPS Priority Mail is NOT a next day delivery category. Priority Mail takes two to four days and often arrives later than expected. 
  • Items sent through regular USPS mail without any tracking often take over 14 days to be delivered. You risk missing a deadline if you send regular USPS mail. 
  • The troupe director is solely responsible for meeting deadlines. The school bookkeeper, secretary, or parent organization is not. 
  • Send early to avoid overnight charges and last-minute nervousness. 
  • Do not staple checks (or any form of payment) to paperwork.
  • If sending a money order, be sure to sign it if it requires a signature (not all do) and complete all of the required information before sending.
  • Our business address is:

Georgia Thespians
2897 North Druid Hills Road
Box 225
Atlanta, GA 30329

  • Note: This is NOT a P. O. Box. If you put P. O. before the number, your letter will be returned. This could take up to four weeks before it will be returned to you.